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I'm so confused right now. At the beginning of the year I approached this guy I passionately fell in love with. I only said hi and from then we started chatting. Recently he asked for my number and has visited me like two times. After the second visit, I thought we were cool because we had a pretty good time. Nothing grown up...just two people enjoying each other's company. I honestly saw hope for us the way we were vibing and just pushing interest.  Then bam! He posts a picture with a girl! In less than an hour he removes it. Then to make things worse he ignores me. It's been 2 days but these have been the longest two days of my entire life. I don't know if I'm being petty or stupid but I need help. Do I move on from this guy or do I ask him what the deal is between us? I hate inbetweens and the last thing I need is someone taking me for a ride.


I reckon you move on. A man is one of a billion. You'll find another. Strongs 😚

White chick

Yes moving on is always a good thing. But first clear the air. Talk to him, get his story then if things don't add up, trust your intuition and leave his ass

9 AM

When a man is interested in you, he makes sure you know or at the very least everyone around you knows because of that territorial trait. If he's bugging like this then it's clear he doesn't want you. I'm sorry but move on


I think you should talk to him and find out what's up. If not, you'll always wonder (even if you move on). Get rid off the inbetween by facing him.