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I keep fantasizing about having sex with a friend of mine.We have been friends for a long time and I don't want to make things awkward by telling her this. She's in a heterosexual relationship and she doesn't know I'm "fluid". I've also never been with a girl so it's awfully confusing wanting her when I don't even know if I'd want an actual relationship with her. 


Okay so don't tell her that you've been fantasizing about having sex with her in particular because then you'd be disrespecting her relationship and you'd be making things awkward for yourself if she doesn't roll like that...what you need to do is randomly drop hints that you find girls attractive and eventually tell her that you are fluid. That way she knows about you without making things awkward between you two. Pay attention to her reaction and that will guide you on what to do next. If she's also fantasized about dipping in the lady pond then she'll feel comfortable enough to let you know. Good luck 😋

Campus misfit

I'm confused...@A, are you a fluid man or woman ? Because it matters I think if you've always been the gay best friend that now likes to explore with women or if you're her sister friend...

Classic Man

Yeah campus misfit is right. It does matter on account of the double standard. If it's a girl on girl action, she might go for it because it's more generally acceptable. However if she's always known you as her male gay best friend, she won't forget that you've had dick before and won't necessarily want a relationship with you because you'd then be seen as "tainted". It's unfortunate but it's a practised double standard ..


I'm a girl. The thing is she identified as bi before and was kind of "overly friendly" and touchy with me. ... But this was when i was still "straight" but I don't know if she's still open to that. So I'm sooo confused whether I should just NOT. The feeling comes and goes so I don't even know if it's just my hormones.  But thank for the advice guys. 



Bended Knee

If she was open to it before, then I suppose it changes everything. Just put her on alert that you're feeling girls now. Who knows, maybe you guys might end up hitting it off and jet setting to a happily ever after lol