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Really love this dude. We recently met. I mean he's been reaching out to me, plans our dates and I agree to it. Stupid me I always cancel an hour or so after the arrangement. Thing is I'm really scared to be committed to him due to expectations and I care more about what other people will say when they see us together. Something is wrong with me.

Charlie's Angel

Is this still the friend you posted to be in love with or are you a confused dick who claims to be in love with everyone while messing with people's hearts in the process? huh😒


Yes something is wrong with you. You're a crowd pleasing coward ! 




Everybody is looking for genuine connection. For love. You seem to have found it but are willing to throw it away because you're afraid of what ppl will say?I hope you never find love again you ungrateful human 


I'm guessing you're gay. That's the only thing that makes sense. Think of this, If you're too afraid to commit to your dude because you're in the closet, and are unable to commit to women because you're gay, you are going to end up committing to no one. If you want a lonely life, continue being illogical..just saying, bro

Kissie kissie boo boo



Wow some of the comments here are disgusting. Instead of giving meaningful advice & giving this person some decent insight , y'all are bashing him. Mxm.  And listen dude, I don't agree with what you're doing but I also understand you don't want to get hurt. But love always hurts. The question is whether you're willing to take a risk. What if you never met someone like him again ? Just think about it logically


Nvm, I retract my statement. I'm late guys, I haven't read the old posts. 


Take a chance, Trevor. It might work out.