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My friend and I have sex almost every week. In the process fell in love with him. Well told him this over the phone and reponded by saying he feels the same but we can't date coz it'll ruin our friendship.. Like I don't understand what's up between the two us... 

Charlie's Angel

Maybe it's time to ruin the friendship then


I'm confused. You just posted about this guy you're in love with but can't bring yourself to commit to (which I just commented on). Now you telling us you've been cheating on this guy with your friend and are also in love with him? What nonsense is this? Explain 

White chick

If you are cheating, like Basic is saying, you are an asshole, my friend. I don't care if you and your friend are in love and are boning every week.Do you. Just don't lead this other guy on, who's in love with you because I bet that while he's busy loving you he doesn't know you're screwing your best friend on the side. Cheats never confess