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Someone's post just made me wonder whether I give up on relationships too soon or nah. I have a question and would really appreciate your responses: Why did your last relationship fail? __just curious to know..

Baby love

1st to comment😎💃💃💃...If you could even call it a relationship with only three dates, but because the other person couldn't balance his time and schedule


Are we really bringing some YouTube comment tendencies here lol?😂😂 if so, then 2nd to comment 💪💪👏 I have no comment though...kidding😹 so my ex and I broke up because her ex wanted her back and she went running back to him🙈


I lied

burger king

He was too much like me and it was annoying so I left him we had way too much in common I am never dating my twin from another mother again


Shame I could see he wasn't going nowhere in life. Dololo vision

Van Dyk

we actually agreed that we were much better off as friends😀 Legit, we still keep in touch. His new girlfriend is the cutest human ever lol.


She cheated on me. I was never her priority, I always came second. She got abusive and for whatever reason I stayed. It took walking in on her with another guy in bed for me to finally end things

Campus misfit

He hit me


Simply he was a selfish cunt!


@Campus misfit, #MeToo😞 these men have gotten away with murder for too long ! nxaa😤😤😤😤😤


She cheated on me with her "first love" (the same first love she has cheated on)..Unfaithful whore😤😞

Somewhere over the rainbow

He cheated on me throughout the whole relationship, which was 9 and a half months. Then when me and the other guy found out  he fought for him and left me alone 



9 AM

Long distance. He totally ignored me. I second the no communication motion🙋


He didn't believe in God 


He beat the shit out of me. Didn't even get a chance to dump him in person. He went to jail straight after my father found out


I was too clingy 


He wanted to have sex TOO much. I'm a busy lady

Gupta Base

She died from cancer. I still miss her today😞😞❤️


My ex is a girl. We dated for 2 years. I came out as gay. Solve the riddle😅😂


I allowed our differences to get between us. And he stopped compromising. So I kept a lot of secrets from him, including cheating twice (but both times during our last month together). When I told him the truth, he left me.