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This relationship I'm in gives me such anxiety. I literally wait for the next disappointment; next heartbreak; next fight...Thing is it always comes. We haven't even been dating for that long. I knew he was trouble the first time he let me down, but I ignored all the signs...😭😭


Walk away, girl. Not worth the stress, for a dick?! there's plenty more to choose from😏


I agree with Butterfly.  Definitely walk away before you get dick-notized.  If he's showing red flags,  you're seeing red flags. ... Your intuition is almost always right so don't betray it or you WILLget hurt and regret not leaving when you thought about it. 


The relationship can't be worth this anxiety. Anxiety can ruin you.


You guys are right. I made the decision to leave the relationship. I'm lowkey afraid I'll never find love again but if this is love, I don't want it anyhow