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When you realize all your friends are graduating soon and you're not. Everyone will have a story to tell and champagne to pop. I wonder what my story is going to be...


That's your story right there...many people don't finish in record time but always have a story to tell. The detours, twists and all are what will make YOUR story more interesting than theirs. Just shared these words with my cousin two weeks back. she was also in a sad state. What matters is not who starts something first; it's who eventually does it best. I'm sure you have a dream or something. Go for it and let your dream redeem u😘

burger king

Many successful people didn't finish in time. If memory serves me well, many like Steve Jobs dropped out. not saying drop out now but a degree isn't everything these days


Hay stop selling the child dreams. Baby, if you're black a degree is a lot. Yes I'm not saying kill yourself because of it but unless if youre going to Kim Kardashian your situation and make it to the top, you have no choice but to keep trying until you pass everything...


@Nomzamo, I feel like you're taking this another direction. Drag was just wondering what his story is going to be. He never spoke about killing himself or not passing his modules. 


But I kind of hear you in a way ...


shame sorry 😿 . I understand what nomzamo is saying. she was responding to burger king who said that a degree is not everything. Not everyone can be steve jobs or kim. That's the truth, why u mad?


I don't get what the big deal is. Let those over achievers enjoy adulting and being fucked by the taxman while you party it up as a carefree student one last year. I know people in industry who are envying you right now. Those friends will wish they were you😎